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Intercessory Prayer Partnership

Prayer is the Church’s Furnace
The Intercessory Prayer Partnership exists to support our work of making missionary disciples through the ministry of prayer. By offering their prayers, joys and sufferings to God for the conversion of souls and Archdiocesan efforts to evangelize, our intercessory prayer partners become true participants in the Church’s great mission of evangelization.

Membership in the Partnership is simple!

Those who wish to serve as intercessory prayer partners register with the Archdiocese by signing up for the Intercessory Prayer Partnership email list (click the link below).  Then, they offer daily prayers and sacrifices for the work of making missionary disciples, including especially in their prayers those who are far away from Jesus Christ and his Church.

Click here to sign up for the Intercessory Prayer Partnership
Once you sign up, we’ll send you quarterly emails with specific prayer intentions and spiritual growth opportunities.

Resources for Our Intercessors

Prayer for Evangelization
Intercessory Prayer Partnership Prayer Card
Rosary for Evangelization
Chaplet of Divine Mercy
Prayer for Intercession of St. Michael the Archangel
Mass enrollment for our Intercessors 

Parish Evangelization Leaders are encouraged to begin their own parish Intercessory Prayer Partnership to support their work with prayer.  There is nothing more powerful than a furnace of prayer fueling your ministry.  Invite your parish prayer groups, children in PREP or your parish school, or your Adoration Chapel visitors to serve as intercessors.  Consider working with your Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the homebound to invite your sick and homebound parishioners to serve in this ministry.  Learn more by clicking the link below.

Starting an IPP in your Parish

Those who are sick or homebound are especially invited to serve in this ministry.  These men and women are especially close to Christ on the Cross and their sufferings, offered to God for the conversion of souls, are a inestimable treasure to the Church.

How to Invite the Sick or Homebound

Individuals who pray regularly and wish to become intercessory prayer partners may register with the Archdiocese by signing up for the Intercessory Prayer Partnership email list (see the link above).   Or call us at the phone number below.