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Pastoral Care for Specific Needs

Below you will find some suggested resources that can help you bring the light and tenderness of Christ to people in your community who are struggling with various life issues.  These resources have been vetted for soundness and fidelity to Catholic teaching.  For a list of adult faith formation resources, click here. For a general list of local Catholic ministries, click here.

If you have suggestions of resources that should be added to this list, please email us at

Resources for Specific Areas of Pastoral Care

Addiction (Drug, Alcohol, Sex, Pornography, etc…)

Baptism Preparation

  • Reborn, Baptism Preparation, Augustine Institute
  • Belonging, Baptism Preparation, Ascension Press



Christian Initiation (oCIA)



End of Life

Infertility and WOmen’s Health

Mental Health, Inner Healing & Freedom

Marriage and Family Enrichment

Marriage Healing

Marriage Preparation

Post-Abortion Healing

Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation

Same-Sex Attraction and Gender Dysphoria

Small Group Trainings

Social Justice


Vocation Discernment