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Evangelical Catholic

Evangelical Catholic is a Wisconsin-based evangelization ministry that actively assists parishes in launching evangelizing small groups. These lay-lead groups are different from the usual faith sharing groups. As evangelizing small groups, they are designed with one purpose in mind – to bring people into a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ. The groups aim to reach and ignite practicing Catholics in the pews and equip them to reach out to those who no longer practice their Catholic faith and invite them into the group. Evangelical Catholic small groups are designed to be a non-threatening first step back to a relationship with God and the Church for those who have been far away.

Evangelical Catholic works closely with a parish to make this possible through a step-by-step training process for hand-picked lay leaders.  EC staff stays close to the parish throughout the process, guiding every step of the way so that the small groups are genuinely effective, that is, they reach people on the peripheries, friends, family, and co-workers who are far away from God.

To find a parish in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia that evangelizes using EC, send an email to the Office for the New Evangelization at

To learn more about Evangelical Catholic,

“Toward an Apostolic Church”

How does Evangelical Catholic work in a parish?

4-minute video: Testimonies from parishes about working with Evangelical Catholic