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Whether you are a devout Catholic, someone struggling with your faith, unsure about God’s existence or a staunch atheist, know that you are welcome and that we hope we can be of support to you in your search for truth about the fundamental questions of life.  Please feel free to contact us at any time.

A bit about who we are:

The Office for the New Evangelization is a part of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, the local Catholic Church of the city of Philadelphia and the surrounding four counties.  We assist Archbishop Nelson J. Pérez in sharing with others the good news about Jesus Christ and the salvation, joy and happiness that he brings to the human person and to life as a whole. To learn more about our staff, click here.

What is the “new evangelization”?

In 1983, Pope John Paul II first coined the term “new evangelization.”  The new evangelization is a moment in the Church’s 2000-year-old mission of bringing Jesus Christ to the world.  This mission of evangelization is “new” because the Church recognizes that the human race has entered a new time in history.  Modern men and women live in a culture that is dramatically different from the traditionally Christian culture we have enjoyed in the West for centuries.  Seeing this, the Church recognizes the need to enter a new period of engagement with the world, to learn how to bring Christ to this new situation in history.  The Church, holding within herself the truth that God became man, suffered, died and rose from the dead in order to bring the human person to his final fulfillment and happiness in God, realizes that she must forge new ways of bringing this perennial truth to the men and women of today.   The new evangelization is not a call to bring a new truth, as if we are changing what we believe.  Rather, it is a call to share the unchanging truth of Jesus Christ with “new ardor, new methods and new expression,” so that Jesus Christ and his supreme love can be accessed by all.