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Unbound Testimonies

The following are personal testimonies from individuals who have participated in Unbound prayer sessions.

I just wanted to email you and let you know how much you have done for me. There is a weight and a shadow I have carried for as long as I can remember that has fallen off of me. I have been set free. Please thank Father for me as well, from the bottom of my heart. God has done this thing for me through you both, but He could not have done it in this way unless you had chosen to cooperate with Him, and because of that I can never thank you enough. I will be praying for you always.

I feel as though there is no more spiritual block, I can finally delve deeper into my faith in a new way, and have seen the effects of forgiveness on my family relationships as well!  This hour and a half session did more than I could have ever hoped for not only for myself but for my family as well.  I learned just how powerful it is to be spiritually bound to someone and also how powerful the act of forgiveness is and what it can do to heal and change the heart.

Did you experience love, respect and encouragement from your prayer team? Most definitely, [my prayer leader] was wonderfully warm and listened so attentively.  [My] intercessor was quiet and prayerful and held the space. 

I definitely left feeling greater freedom and surprised how much I was holding onto and needed to release.  It is a daily journey because of challenges and struggles but feel more empowered to see it, name it and release it. 

I thought the process was the right amount of time, anything longer might get too exhaustive. [My prayer leader] was able to allow space to go deeper and find out if there was anything else there. That quiet allowed more to come up. 

Immediately I felt lighter and it continues.  I feel more connected to God.  I feel such peace and freedom from many sins and wounds.  Prayer throughout the day glorifying the Lord and asking for help to stay free. 

I would not change anything! Father put me at ease. He honored my request to find intercessors from outside of my parish.  I could not have had a more gentle, prayerful experience with this team!! I am so grateful for this life-giving prayer!  I will share my experience with others.

The experience was very lovely.  A lot of weight seemed to have been lifted from me. It’s silly, but I been having to remind myself that the weight is no longer there 🙂 Since I have been so use to carrying it around. It has been a great experience. The work still continues but it has been a great start.

I would like to THANK YOU very much for organized for me a full unbound session after the conference last weekend and also for your and Neal Lozano time, I appreciate that very much! I was so ready for this moment and after my session I notice a big change in me and in my family. I am very thankful to you for all you do for people like me who are in need of a prayers of deliverance.  God bless you all!

Thanks I wanna say thank u so much   For allowing me have this opportunity the graces I was given on Tuesday I can’t even count! I still have long road to recovery of head of me really u showed me such love it was amazing. God bless keep me your prayers thanks

Did you experience greater freedom? Yes can’t say I fully know full effect but there been huge weight lifted off my shoulders

I feel different since I saw you.  I would say I’m more calm, and there isn’t that underlying anger towards people I used to have.  I can say the most profound things for me were the breaking of soul ties, and the renouncement of the idea that I would always be with that one person.  I do not feel connected to anyone on any level anymore.  It’s as if I have a choice in the matter now, and I am not confused anymore.  I haven’t made up my mind what I am going to do in relation to remaining single or marry, but I no longer feel I have to decide, that God will show me if and when.  I also feel released from my past which is an odd thing for me.  I feel it isn’t “me,” that it happened to me in the past, and I don’t have to look back and dwell on it anymore.  Now I know that these are areas of weakness and things will come up again, but as things have come to mind I continue to renounce, forgive and ask forgiveness, and I feel much better.  I would say that I feel “more free”.

I cannot put into words how thankful I am and was for your support, understanding and prayers during the unbound process and also Father. It was an experience I will never forget and will always be thankful for. Thank you again. My life has truly changed.

Did you experience love, respect and encouragement from your prayer team?  Yes Completely. My prayer leader held my hand through the whole process. That steadiness in her grasp, helped me get some very difficult words out.

I finally felt FREE from a weight that I didn’t necessarily know was there, for so many years but once it was gone… was very noticeable. I left feeling new life in my soul.

This Unbound Prayer Session was the answer to so many of my prayers. I can’t put into words how thankful I am for this ministry. I felt the Holy Spirit in such a powerful way. Wow.

Did you experience love, respect and encouragement from your prayer team? Oh…YES….DEFINITELY!

Did you leave your Unbound prayer session with a new level of freedom? If so, please describe.
YES!  I felt a sense of giddiness (like Scrooge in A Christmas Carol…after he saw the 3 spirits).  I felt like jumping up into the air and clicking my heals together.  I was smiling…..I felt very happy.  Today, the next day, I am still smiling from ear to ear…to the point of crying happy tears.  I’ve already mentioned Unbound to a few of my fellow parishioners after Mass today.

Is there anything about your experience that you would change?  No….I feel free from the bondage I carried inside of me.  Having people pray over you is a wonderful thing.

For the first time, I am able to truly forgive those who have hurt me in the past and also forgive myself.  Growing up with a father who’s physically abusive it was hard for me to see God as a father. After I received the Father’s blessing I felt God the Father’s unconditional love for me. I did not have to do anything to impress Him; He just loves me for who I am and is proud of me. For the first time after that experience, I was able to pray to God as Father, Abba, Daddy.

I felt and learned that thru my prayer team, I can rely on the HS and Jesus to forgive and gain authority over my fears, hopelessness, and feelings of extreme abandonment.

I would not change anything about the ministry at all and I really appreciated the follow up call to answer questions and offer/reinforce how to manage moving forward.

I hope others come forward to share and benefit from this ministry.  I really couldn’t believe that the program was offered to me at no cost or obligation.  I felt like the lost sheep that was so precious to Jesus that he stopped to find him and bring him back into the fold.  Also, the reading in advance really prepped me for what to experience but also began to orient me towards the process of deliverance.  The degree of empathetic listening and insight into what I needed based on the interview was extra-ordinary.  The images presented to me to seal the blessings were very helpful for me to feel Jesus’s love in a concrete way and specific to my suffering and journey moving forward. I truly felt like I received a new Sacrament from the Lord!

(Additional feedback 4 months later) Participating in Unbound has continued to have made such a tremendous change in my life.  It was the missing piece of my recovery from years of childhood abuse. My therapist refers to it as the “missing dimension” in my recovery.  I would be glad to share with anyone my experiences and changes it has brought to my life.  Clearly, I had come to Unbound having done a lot of work on my prior trauma in therapy and worked on my spiritual life but had not really linked the two…I also have tremendous supports but the staying power of the Unbound experience continues to surprise me and has quieted my anxious spirit. Anyway, I am eternally grateful! 

I want to thank you and Sister from the bottom of my heart for your love and respect.  I feel blessed that God put you and Sister in my path to healing. It has been a powerful experience.  I have gotten such a sense of spiritual clarity from my session. I am able to see where the chains still exist and through the session and sacraments- I have received courage to tackle them to gain further spiritual freedom.

I have a peace that I have never had before regarding issues with my Mother.  I could not have prayed for it b/c I did not know what I needed (hope that makes sense). Speaking of peace, the night of the session was the 2nd best night of sleep I had EVER.  (FYI-my best night of sleep was when I was in Medjugorie).

I can’t thank you and the team enough for meeting with me yesterday and praying with me.  As I drove home processing everything that happened, the feeling I got was that of a “clean slate”. Although I don’t feel any earth shattering change, I do feel different.  It’s hard to describe.  I would say subtle but very significant…a clean slate! 

I finally feel normal, no more urges to do the wrong things, feeling peaceful to be able to make decisions with a clear mind.

It was a week ago today that I had my Unbound session. I’ve had several days to reflect on my experience and in the words that follow, share some of those thoughts.

For many years, I have known that I was stuck, oppressed and that everything which could go wrong, did go wrong. I was living the personification of Murphy’s law! When a priest from my parish introduced me to the Unbound ministry, my interest was aroused. When I read the first 9 chapters of “Unbound”, I knew it was an endeavor I needed to take part in.

And so, the day arrived for my Unbound session. First off, the 2 priests who comprised the prayer team were incredibly kind, welcoming and men of great spiritual discernment. I was immediately at ease. The lead priest guided me through my background and brought to the forefront experiences I had either subconsciously submerged or was unaware of their importance and the destructive influence they had over me. I must emphasize that this process was brought about in the most gentle of ways. The priest who led me through this is clearly one who understands the battle going on in each of us. I was always intellectually aware of the battle for souls, now I knew with my whole being that such was true in a more complete and personal sense. When we went through the renunciation of those specific spirits endangering me, I knew I was being set free.

In the subsequent week since that day, much has happened. Almost immediately I was informed that the financial help I so desperately needed, had come to fruition. Due to my job being eliminated several months ago, I was in danger of homelessness. Then, out of the blue, I was offered free housing from a friend who owned a home currently unoccupied. Also, real job opportunities are becoming more present. I share this not to convey a false impression that someone has waved a magic wand over me. No! The Unbound ministry is truly Catholic and thus objectively true. The battle is real and the consequences are eternal. Spiritual freedom from the powers of darkness are possible and glorious. By taking advantage of Unbound, I know that I have been given a great Grace. I also know more clearly, that Unbound has propelled me to a deeper prayer life, for now I have been also given the gift to know that although the battle shall continue until my last breath, God through His love for me, shall continue to arm me to end the race well.

I left the session feeling more relaxed and in the days following received inner clarity on a number of long-standing personal issues. This, in turn, led to peace in areas where I have been struggling for many years.  I am  grateful for the generosity (with their time and talent, prayers) that the team showed and their willingness to answer questions and to hear about many of the difficult issues.  I also greatly appreciated the focus on forgiveness/healing/moving forward instead of blame.  This contributed very much to the peace that I experienced later and has enabled me to see more clearly where the Lord is leading me.  

I experienced great love, respect, and encouragement from the prayer team.  Their demeanor collectively was very welcoming, joyful, calming and peaceful.  They greeted me with smiles and open arms, and made me feel free to express myself with no judgment whatsoever.

Yes, I definitely left my Unbound prayer session with a new level of freedom.  In fact, when I left the building, I felt as if I were floating.  I felt an overwhelming sense of joy, peace, and happiness.  The last 2 Keys were very powerful for me.  Through the “authority of Jesus” I commanded various workings of the enemy to leave me.  The fact that it was through Jesus’ authority and not my own, and that HE is all powerful and Almighty gave me great trust, confidence and freedom.  The last Key was also very freeing, powerful, and deeply moving for me.  It brought me to tears of joy in knowing how much Jesus loves me and blesses me.  It was as if the 3 prayer partners were no longer there, and I heard was Jesus speaking to me through them.