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Been Away for Awhile?

There are many reasons that a person might give for why they left the Church.  Sometimes it’s just a gradual slipping out of the habit of going to Mass every Sunday.  Sometimes there is a painful rift between the person and the Church because of the failures of some of her members.  Sometimes it’s a particular teaching that someone can’t accept.  Whatever the reasons, the Church is deeply concerned with opening the doors of communication with baptized Catholics who no longer practice their faith.

If you haven’t been to Mass in awhile, we would love to listen to your story so we can learn from you.  Please take a moment to fill out the anonymous Share Your Story survey.  There’s even space to leave your name, if you’d like to hear back from us.

 Here are some resources that might help you give some thought to your relationship with God and the Church: 

How does a person return to the Catholic Church?

Take a first step:
Ask your questions in a safe and welcoming setting
through the
 Discovering Christ process.

MP3s and Audio CDs about basic faith questions

Why Believe in God?

I haven’t been to Mass in awhile…

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Need a refresher on what Catholics believe? 
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