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Many parishes in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia are subscribed to the exciting new online platform, This “Catholic version of Netflix” can be streamed to your TV or mobile device and contains some of the best Catholic content there is – video series, movies, books and study programs – all to help you grow in your faith, find deeper peace with God, and share what you believe with others.

FORMED enables personal study, parish-based small groups, family discussion, and outreach to loved ones who no longer practice their Faith. It works in youth ministry, children’s catechesis, sacramental preparation, marriage enrichment, adult faith formation, RCIA and more.

You can see what’s on FORMED by checking out the trailers below.  Click the blue List of Parishes to see if your parish is subscribed to FORMED.  If your parish is on the list below, contact them to obtain your parish access code so you can get started using FORMED today!  If your parish is interested in subscribing to FORMED, contact the Office for the New Evangelization at

List of Parishes Subscribed to FORMED

See how Archdiocesan parishes are using Formed

What is

How can formed help my marriage?

By providing you with beautiful testimonies from other Catholic couples and the life-changing teachings of the Church through videos like Beloved that you and your spouse can watch together at home and then discuss and pray about together.  See the trailer below!

How can formed help my kids?

By giving you awesome Catholic speakers who know how to talk to kids about the Faith right at your fingertips and on their mobile devices.  See the sample below!

How can formed help me get closer to God?

By showing you through formation series like Lectio how to pray so that your prayer time is a genuine encounter with God that you experience personally.  Check out the trailer below!

How can formed help me invite my loved ones back to the Church?

By sharing videos like this with them that they can watch right on their smart phones.  They’ll hear things about the faith they never knew before or “never heard explained this way.” Check out the compelling trailer below!