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New Evangelization Fund

In partnership with the Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia, the Office for the New Evangelization has launched the New Evangelization Fund. The fund enables you to support our work financially so that we can grow our outreach and facilitate the evangelization efforts of our local parishes. When you donate to this fund, you can specify which form of outreach you want to support (see list below) or just make a general donation. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Specific projects that you can support

Evangelization Parish Partnerships
Various evangelization ministries across the country offer partnerships with parishes to help guide them in launching a long-term, effective evangelization movement in their parish. These ministries include The Evangelical Catholic, Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) and the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS).  Each ministry has a proven record of fruitfulness in making disciples of Jesus Christ and forming others for evangelical outreach.  Parish partnerships usually mean that a staff person(s) are assigned to a particular parish to coach the parish in the process of launching their outreach, a process that can take 1-3 years.  These partnerships are costly due substantial investment of time and energy that the coaching organization devotes to the parish.  Contributing to this Fund will assist us in offering grants to parishes to help offset the cost of these partnerships. This will make the partnerships more affordable and more accessible to more parishes.  To learn more, visit:

GIVEN Forum – Scholarships for Young Women
The GIVEN Forum is designed to help young adult Catholic women with a heart for mission and an aptitude for leadership identify their particular gifts and find practical pathways to put them in the service of the Gospel. Young adult Catholic women, ages 21-30, attend this week-long forum to seek leadership training, faith formation, and mentorship to better understand and pursue their particular mission and vocation. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia hopes to send five young women annually to this conference. Contributions to this fund go towards the cost of each young woman’s registration fee and travel costs.  To learn more, visit

Ministries for Catholic Men
Many Catholics and secular social commentators have been noting a crisis of masculinity that is affecting all aspects of society and the Church.  The Office for the New Evangelization intends to stem the tide of this troubling trend by assisting Catholic men in participating in and launching effective ministries that form men and address the root problems that are causing the “man-crisis.” Two initiatives that are particularly supported by this fund are Fraternus and St. Joseph’s Retreat Farm.  Fraternus is a North Carolina-based ministry that trains adult Catholic men in parishes to serve as mentors for young Catholic men. Fraternus mentors are formed to lead young men into virtuous Catholic manhood. St. Joseph Farm is a retreat farm that offers fathers and sons and men’s groups the opportunity to encounter Christ and be formed in authentic masculinity through a hands-on farming retreat.  By providing men with an experience of their faith that is authentically masculine, grounded in Christian brotherhood, and centered in Jesus Christ, tremendous fruits, including healthy Catholic marriages and vocations to the priesthood, are expected to emerge. Donations to this initiative will help offset the cost of (1) launching Fraternus chapters in our local parishes and (2) sending small groups of fathers and sons to St. Joseph Farm for their retreats.  

Access to the Best Catholic Content through 
Parish efforts to evangelize require teaching tools that are high-quality, modern, easily accessed, and deeply inspiring., often called the “Catholic Netflix,” is an online platform that houses some of the best Catholic movies, books, talks and teaching series available. Formed contains content for marriage prep, baptism prep, youth ministry, adult faith formation, RCIA and much more. Parishes pay to subscribe to Formed and they receive unlimited online access to all of the content. This makes beautiful Church teaching accessible to parish leaders for use in their specific ministries as well as to individual parishioners who wish to access the content at home via their mobile devices. It’s a new way to put the life-changing teachings of our Faith in the palm of people’s hands (literally!). For more information, visit  Donations to this initiative will help reduce the annual cost for parishes who subscribe to 

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